Friday, April 20, 2012

A visit with Dr Bean

Dr Bean, Dinah's hip surgeon dropped by her room this afternoon, looked at her incision, and told us what to expect.
There is no swelling, and blood tests don't indicate infection, so there is probably nothing seriously wrong.  If her blood is thick enough to operate, at 11AM tomorrow (Saturday) he will remove a wedge of flesh centered around the area that is draining.  He may insert slow release antibiotics into the incision. If all goes well, Dinah could go home on Sunday.
If the problem goes deeper (into the muscle), he might need to insert a drain, and she would probably be kept longer. In the worst case where there is a large amount of infection going deep into the leg, it could be necessary to remove the implant and replace it completely, but that is extremely unlikely.
So, not much happening today, but we hope the show will get underway tomorrow morning.

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