Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to the hospital

Dinah had her weekly checkup today with her hip surgeon, Dr Bean. He was not happy with the fact that her incision is still weeping and decided to operate a third time to open the incision with an infectious disease specialist present, and make sure that there is no infection.  She will be admitted to Sierra Hospital in El Paso tomorrow (Thursday) and be operated on late Friday.  They will keep her hospitalized until probably Monday morning.

Yesterday, our foster mother cat began sneezing and today is obviously not feeling well. We will not be able to care for her and her kittens over the next few days and so we have returned them to the shelter where the odds of their survival are not good.  We have learned from experience that once mother becomes sick, the kittens are in great danger.  Today is not one of our better days.

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