Sunday, April 22, 2012

Out with the drain - Up and around

The PT people got Dinah up and walking around the ward this morning, then sitting in a chair for a while.
 The drain was removed from Dinah's incision around 1PM today; our first chance to see the results of yesterday's operation.  She is doing well, but is having some pain.  We still hope to head home tomorrow (Monday).  No access to email at the hospital so we are continuing to use this method of communicating.  I hope to get to McDonald's to download email for Dinah & myself later today (we are waiting for Dr Bean to visit).

Dinah says:
Let us hope that this is the FINAL cut in to this flesh. It looks like chicken skin!  The staff at this hospital have been very friendly and caring.  Food is okay.  Today we got the okay from Dr. Bean to put full weight on the bad leg -  but I'm so stiff/sore that I'll be slow to go.

Once again, Allen has been my knight in shining armor.  What a guy!!!!  Aren't I truly blessed?  Hugs to everyone........

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