Monday, July 25, 2011

Herber Hoover Presidential Museum

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum
My impression had always been that Hoover was a failure as president, and beyond that I knew nothing of the man. I now know a bit more about him.

Hoover graduated with the first class from Stanford University with a degree in geology and had a distinguished career as an international mining engineer. He became involved in humanitarian work, founded the Hoover Institution, and became Secretary of Commerce before being elected president.

But soon came the stock market collapse of 1929 and the depression followed. Hoover did much to relieve the distress but, like Obama today, found his popularity dropping as he was blamed for the economic conditions. He lost to Roosevelt in 1932.

Well worth the time to visit this museum.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Truman Presidential Museum

Truman is the first president that I can remember; his predecessor, President Roosevelt, having died in office in April, 1945 when I was not yet 2 years old. So I found it fun to relive the world events of that part of my childhood by visiting his Museum in Independence, MO.

Truman ordered the atomic bomb to be dropped on Japan, ending WW II. During the Korean war he famously fired General McArthur for insubordination. He presided over the formation of the United Nations, the Berlin airlift and the birth of NATO. An interesting man whose story is well presented at his museum.
Harry Truman Statue in the lobby of his Presidential Museum

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Visit to Eisenhower's Library & Museum

Statue of General Eisenhower at his Presidential Library & Museum
I spent a fun day here checking out Eisenhower's career. The museum devoted a large section to his part in WW II. A day well spent.
But the museum was extremely well air conditioned; so much so that I had to go outside periodically to warm up in the close to 100 degree temperatures.
And on the grounds I discovered a large thermal solar collector.

Solar thermal collectors at Eisenhower Library & Museum
The information sheet says that (as of May 1983) this is one of the largest solar collectors at a federal facility. It is used for heating, hot water, and humidity control and generates around 900,000,000BTUs per year. Hot water from the collectors is stored in two 2,000 gallon tanks.
Next time you get to Abilene, Kansas be sure to check it out. (The museum, that is).

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pratt, Kansas

I have been friends with the Pratts for years, so couldn't resist visiting their town and taking a few pictures.
Located in the county of Pratt ...
Is the City of Pratt
And Pratt's most famous landmarks are the hot & cold water towers
The Pratt High School Greenbacks are also known as the Fighting Frogs
I spoke with a lifetime resident of Pratt who said she found the mascot embarrassing. "We would be playing other teams like the Lions or the Tigers and here we are the Frogs!"
The community college teams are known as the Beavers!
Pratt has something for everyone.  Stop by some time.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Summer Travels have started - and so has our Blog!

We fired up the motor home today and left Las Cruces heading northest, all 8 of us - Dinah & me, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a foster kitten. We plan to make our way toward Milwaukee where we will celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of a grade school friend of Dinah's, then amble on to Gillette, WY for an Escapees Escapade (RV Rally).
Obie, settled in and ready to start the summer's travels

We have been writing and emailing travel reports for several years, and recently started posting the reports on our new web site But the modern way to keep in touch seems to be by blog, and so here we are blogging!
 Using this blog, we expect to be writing items covering a single event rather than the events of several months.  This way we can be in touch more frequently, and you can pick and chose the entries that interest you and skip the others.