Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Flower Lady

When Dinah was first in rehab, I bought a single fake flower and added it to the bouquet of the real thing her sister had sent her.  She liked it, so I bought 3 more and the 4 flowers, attached to her various beds, followed her back to the Specialty Hospital in El Paso, Las Palmas Medical Center, and then back to rehab in Las Cruces.  She asked me to buy more so she could give them away to other patients, and I bought out the remainder of Dollar Tree's stock - eleven more flowers. They began to disappear fast as she handed them to other patients, and soon, many wheelchairs had a flower popping up from one handle.
More flowers! Dinah recruited hospital staff to scout out other Dollar Trees and BUY MORE FLOWERS!  By my count Dinah has, or has given away, a total of 71 fake flowers.  The nurses and attendants now alert her when a new patient arrives so that she can visit their room and present them with a flower.
Dinah is scheduled to come home on Monday, but will be returning to rehab three days a week for out patient therapy, and she plans to continue in the role of flower lady.

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