Friday, March 30, 2012

Today is the100th anniversary of Dad's (Herb Downs') birth

If Herb Downs, my father, were alive today, it would be his 100th birthday.
He was born 30 March 1912 in Fitchburg, MA, the first of five brothers.  He grew up in a single parent home in Reading, MA and with relatives in Fitchburg, MA.  After working for the Reading Chronicle Newspaper, he decided to go to college, graduating from Fitchburg State Teacher's College as one of the oldest members of his class.  .
In June 1942 he married Eleanore Dort, of Rockport, MA.

His career was as an industrial arts teacher at Weeks Jr High, but in addition to his day job, he had a print shop in his basement, and he was a children's entertainer, doing magic shows at children's birthday parties, holiday parties, and other events.

He personality was that of an entertainer, and he loved to get a hold of someone new on whom he could pull all of his jokes and tricks. 
When anyone showed him pictures of their kids or grand kids, he would admire the pictures then offer to show a picture of his pride & joy!

One of my favorite pictures was taken on the day my family delivered me to Worcester Polytechnic Institute to begin my freshman year of college.  It is of Dad and my youngest sister, Lois.

In the late 1960's, dad returned to school evenings and weekends to get his Masters in education.
Herb Downs family in 1968

Brothers Stew and Herb Downs
Dad died in October, 1982. Thirty years have passed since then. I find it hard to believe that in two years I will have reached the age at which he died.  We miss him.

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  1. His picture is still displayed proudly in my magic room.