Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today is the day! - Las Cruces here we come

As of 9AM this morning, there is a space for Dinah in rehab and she is scheduled to depart Las Palmas Medical Center at 11AM today.  We have packed up all her stuff and she is rarin to go!
Last evening she had a visit from her sewing buddy Stella, who happens to work in the same hospital as a neo-natal nurse.  After a visit, I left and Stella gave Dinah a bed bath - her best so far.

In trying to describe the break in Dinah's femur I said  "The break started on the inside of the femur, perhaps 1/4 of the way down the bone and 1/2 way down the shaft of the replacement. It then curved up to the top of the bone near its center."  But the Dr said "Periprosthetic fracture type A, however, the fracture line going only 2 centimeters proximal to distal fixation, large displaced medial fragment."  I hope that clears things up!

I'm packing up the motor home so I'll be ready to move when Dinah does.  If all goes well, the next report will be from Las Cruces.

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