Friday, March 23, 2012

Rehab all over again

Dinah is back again at Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico located in Las Cruces.  She is wearing clothes for the first time in a week and is getting around by wheel chair; no longer stuck in bed. They found her blood a little too thin to risk therapy so her first day back was a day off. She should be starting therapy tomorrow.
She is located in room 620 and would enjoy hearing from you.

After seeing her off to the ambulance yesterday, I was to follow in the motor home. But I had put down a hydraulic jack to level the motor home and could not retract it. After fiddling with the control panel, and trying to jumper the solenoid valves directly, I ended up loosening a hydraulic line to bleed off fluid and raise the jack.  Worked OK until I loosened it too much and got bathed in a spray of red hydraulic fluid!

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