Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Visit to Eisenhower's Library & Museum

Statue of General Eisenhower at his Presidential Library & Museum
I spent a fun day here checking out Eisenhower's career. The museum devoted a large section to his part in WW II. A day well spent.
But the museum was extremely well air conditioned; so much so that I had to go outside periodically to warm up in the close to 100 degree temperatures.
And on the grounds I discovered a large thermal solar collector.

Solar thermal collectors at Eisenhower Library & Museum
The information sheet says that (as of May 1983) this is one of the largest solar collectors at a federal facility. It is used for heating, hot water, and humidity control and generates around 900,000,000BTUs per year. Hot water from the collectors is stored in two 2,000 gallon tanks.
Next time you get to Abilene, Kansas be sure to check it out. (The museum, that is).

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