Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Escapade - Gillette, WY

The last stop of our summer travels was the Escapees RV Club rally - Escapade - At Cam-Plex in Gillette, Wyoming. Escapade offers a chance to visit with friends, attend RV related seminars, visit RV related venders, and enjoy evening entertainment. We arrived a day early, on Saturday, 27 August and spent time with Lee & Marsha Squires; at our wedding at the 2005 spring Escapade, Marsha was the matron of honor and Lee gave the bride away.
Dinah spent one day as a volunteer assistant for a quilting class.  I helped organize the annual meeting of the HFH BoF (Habitat for Humanity Birds of a Feather group). BoFs are interest groups within the Escapees RV club - sub clubs if you will.

I attended five seminars conducted by Geeks On Tour.  All on Computer subjects, all expertly presented, and all of great interest to me.  As a result, I now:
Manage my pictures with Picasa 3 - a free program from Google
I have started this blog, using blogspot.com
I have updated my streets & trips program from 2005 to 2011

The five days of Escapade passed quickly.  We chose to stay parked at Cam-Plex until Tuesday morning, 6 September to avoid the Labor Day weekend traffic.
Spotted in a Walmart parking lot

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