Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Travels - Las Cruces to South Dakota via Milwaukee

Some of the stuff we did this summer, I've talked about in separate blog entries.  This, as Paul Harvey used to say, is the rest of the story.
This must be where Big Foot is buried.
Located in Hutchinson, Kansas, this may be the largest grain elevator in the US
Dinah with Maxine at the Hallmark Visitor Center in Kansas City, MO
 In the Chicago area, we visited Dinah's sister Pat and husband Dick (no pictures - Pat is camera shy), and with Oliver Witte, Dinah's long time friend and author of a magazine article on our solar system.
We stopped near Milwaukee to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Dinah's grade school friend Linda, and her husband Warner, Schafer. The pictures Dinah took of the Schafers were lost when Noodle, the dog, chewed her camera's memory chip.
Anniversary pillow from Dinah's Quilts & Embroideries
Also in the Milwaukee area, we visited with Dinah' brother Bob & Ellen Gardiner, their son & his wife, and later met Bob & Ellen at their boat for a brief visit.
Ellen,Steve,Anne, and Bob Gardiner
Keira, Bob, Ellen, and Dinah on Bob & Ellen's sailboat
Allen also had a visit with his old navy buddy Mike Sherman and his wife Martha as they were emptying their apartment in preparation for becoming full time RVers.
Martha & Mike Sherman
WW II Submarine at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum
We visited the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, billed as "The most explosive Museum in the world" where we learned a little about wheat and how it is processed.
A visitor tries on a King Tut mask at the Science Museum of Minnesota
The cockpit of a DC-3 at the Fargo Air Museum
The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD
A mural made of corn on the cob specially grown in multiple colors.
These wild turkeys strolled through our campground in Rapid City, SD
This turkey was on display at the Central States Fair
Next stop, Escapade!  On to Gillette, Wyoming!

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