Sunday, November 17, 2019

Return to the Sky after 44 years

On Thursday, 14 November I returned to the sky.  It was my 39th jump, but it was my first since May of 1975.  And it was my first tandem jump.  I jumped with El Paso Skydive at the Santa Teresa Airport in southern New Mexico.
                                                 The plane was a King Air A-90K
 It was equipped with seatbelts for 6 or 8 people, but no seats (except for pilot and copilot, of course)
I still have my jumpsuit from 1975, and over it went the harness with which I would be strapped to my instructor.

Here is the video of the jump. It is about 4 minutes, 45 seconds long.

and here are a few pictures taken from the ground as we landed.

On all 38 previous jumps, I was in charge of controlling my chute.  This time I was simply a passenger enjoying the view and the ride.

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