Friday, January 23, 2015

Allen Tries the Elio

Allen in the driver's seat of the Elio prototype
A while back, I discovered an interesting car online; the Elio.  It is not yet in production; the first cars are now scheduled to come off the line in mid 2016. It is a three wheeler that is expected to seat two people (one behind the other), get 80+ MPG and cost $6,800.  It interested me enough that I signed up on the waiting list (I'm number 12,149) and last Friday I drove to Tucson to see the prototype.
Martha, Mike, and the Elio
 My old navy buddy, Mike, and his wife Martha are full time RVers wintering in Tucson, so I swung by his place and Mike, Martha, and I checked out the Elio prototype at the Tucson Mall.
Three view of the Elio

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