Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Har-Ber Village, Grove, Oklahoma

Har-Ber village entrance
We came to the Grove, OK area because Dinah, who visited Har-Ber Village several years ago, wanted me to see it too. The name Har-Ber has nothing to do with the lake on which it is located, but is taken from the names of the originators; HARvey & BERnice Jones.  The property was their summer home, and the village was started when Harvey built a small church for Bernice.  The village continued to grow until it had over 100 buildings. Many of them are authentic cabins, moved from elsewhere.  Most contain specialized collections.  The Jones have since died, and their property remains open to the public as it was during their lifetimes.
I spent a full day roaming the village and viewing the many displays.

A look inside the village
Because my father was a printer, I was particularly interest in the old time print shop which contained several items I recognized from my father's shop.

And the display of telephones showing how they changed over the years was also of special interest to me.

This old radio is similar to one I owned as a kid, bought at a church auction for 50 cents. The picture is compromised by reflections from the display window.

If you are in the area, you will enjoy visiting Har-Ber Village.  They have a web site at:

This farm truck was part of a group of antique vehicles visiting the village

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