Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to the Hospital

Dinah's left leg began to give her trouble last week, and she regressed from cane to walker a couple days ago. This morning she headed out for a couple of Dr. appointments, driving herself.  But she soon reached the point where the leg hurt enough that she was simply not able to walk. She called Dr Bean, the hip surgeon, and they decided she should go to the hospital.  I drove her to El Paso Specialty hospital where x-rays were taken.
Dr. Bean was concerned that the left femur might have an hairline fracture near the bottom of the hip replacement's shaft. He wanted more imaging that was not readily available at the Specialty hospital, so she was sent to the hospital where her last operation was performed.  That hospital is all of 1/4 mile from Specialty, but I was not permitted to drive her; instead, she waited 2 hours for an ambulance, and I went home to feed the pets. As I write this, she is settled into her new room. Imaging might happen tonight, but more likely tomorrow morning.
We had been working to be ready for our planned departure in our motor home for our summer travels on Wednesday. That has now been delayed until Saturday or later.

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