Monday, October 17, 2011

A flight in a 1941 open cockpit biplane

On Sunday Dinah & I drove to the Santa Teresa, NM airport where we had arranged for flights in a 1941 Boeing Stearman open cockpit biplane at Far West Aviation.
Far West Aviation's 1941 Boeing Stearman biplane

Since the plane only seats two, and it is advisable that one of them know how to fly the plane, Dinah and I went up separately with Steve, the pilot and owner of the plane, in control from the rear seat.
Steve adjusts Dinah's microphone prior to the flight
Clear! Steve prepares to start the engine for Dinah's flight

The dry Rio Grande as seen from the air

We flew east from the airport across the Rio Grande into Texas, then north along the Franklin Mountains, then back west where we were given a chance to fly the plane, and to experience some mild acrobatic maneuvers.  The weather was great and the view from the open cockpit was superb!

Steve, the pilot, as seen from the front seat, reflected in a mirror

Dinah & Allen with Tillie, the biplane

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